Sherman Jewelery: The Masterpiece Collection

Sherman Jewelery: The Masterpiece Collection

Bargain hunters know there’s money to be made finding and buying vintage costume jewelery at rummage sales, estate auctions and church bazaars. But you really have to know your stuff if you’re hunting unsigned Sherman.

Sherman Jewellery is Unique to Canada

Gustave Sherman was a Canadian fashion pioneer.  The brilliant jewellery designer manufactured only high quality ‘costume jewelry’ pieces in Montreal for thirty four years from 1947 to 1981. His genius is manifest in the beautiful pages  Sherman Jewellery, The Masterpiece Collection by Sandra Caldwell and Evelyn Yallen.

This book is a must have for Canadian jewellery collectors as it references so much of Sherman’s work in easy to find sections based on colour and design.

More importantly, Sandra Caldwell and Evelyn Yallen are expert collectors and therefore skilled at summarizing the subtleties of Sherman; every sentence makes readers more aware of the jewelry design business and the materials available in the post war Canadian fashion marketplace.

Sherman – A Brief History

In 1947 Sherman chose to set up his factory in Outremont, home to wealthy French Canadians and Jews, while most of his contemporaries were located along Main or St Lawrence Street. Montreal was the center of fashion and set the standard across Canada. The city was particularly influential in jewelry design. Sherman sold to both large and small jewellery stores all across Canada; he was equally represented at Birks and Peoples’ on Bloor St in Toronto, as he was at Mackenzie’s in Lethbridge, Alberta. His work was at one time or another available in all of Canada’s largest retailers, including Eaton’s, Simpsons and The Hudson Bay Company.

Buying and reading this book will make you an expert in Sherman jewellery

Table of Contents

  • Why We Collect
  • Sherman: A Brief History
  • Prices and pricing Sherman
  • Signed vs Unsigned: The Great Debate
  • Clear Jewelry
  • Aurora Borealis and Topaz Jewelry
  • Black, grey and hematite jewelry
  • Blue Jewelry
  • Green Jewelry
  • Red and pink jewelry
  • Purple and alexandrite jewelry
  • Unusual colours
  • Beads
  • Art glass, gold tone and men’s jewellery
  • Figurals and centennials
  • Multiples
  • Last but not least

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